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The appropriate HIDROSTAL bearing frame is the optimal and most economic solution for every pump configuration Rigid construction for stable power transfer Centered configuration for flexible couplings Service-friendly construction with long-life seals Developed for a service life of 50,000 working hours


HIDROSTAL Bearing Frame Pumps


are bearing and shaft-seal groups which, together with the hydraulics, form the pump unit. Bearing frame pumps are mostly installed in dry areas, e.g., together with other process machinery. This type of pump is also used for larger power levels (> 30 kW).


• Direct access to the pump and to the monitoring devices

• Maintenance in a clean environment

• Commercially-available drive elements can be used

• Wet installation with a hydraulic or compressed air motor, or installation as a vertical wet pump     with a standard electrical motor in levels subject to flooding is possible

• Robust construction for smooth operation

• Service life of 50,000 operational hours, with appropriately-designed bearings. On customer request, the service life can be significantly increased by a small correction of the speed limits.




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