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                        Moyno 500 Pumps


General purpose Moyno 500 pumps handle thousands of applications from clean, clear liquids to abrasive and corrosive fluids. There are over 70 Moyno 500 models available in a variety of materials of construction with many different options to allow customization to meet specific application needs.

The new Moyno Mag Drive 500 Series pumps feature a patented sealless, magnetic drive design that provides zero leakage for the most critical applications. This proprietary progressing cavity mag drive pump utilizes the latest technology to ensure operator safety, eliminate work place hazard and protect the environment from contamination. The mag drive 500 pump uses a nagnetic coupling to establish a static seal, aligning an outer drive magnet with an inner driven magnet within a stationary containment shell. The resulting sealless design not only performs well in hazardous applications but is also effective with difficult to seal fluids. Skid mounted, turnkey systems are available for one-stop, hassle-free shopping that saves time and money.



Compact and lightweight design for installation flexibility

Motorized and non-motorized models ideal for OEM applications


Quiet operation

Low maintenance

Mag Drive 500 series uses a patented, sealless technology to provide zero leakage





  • Positive Displacement
  • Non-pulsating
  • Low shear, accurate, repeatable flow
  • Temperature range to 240° F
  • Pressures to 600 psi; capacities from .02 to 66 gpm for standard models
  • Pressures to 75 psi; capacities from .01 to 900 gph for Mag Drive 500 Series models





Standard Models:

Abrasive chemicals & slurries

Marine septic systems

Nitric acid

Paints & Inks

Laboratory testing



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