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LED High Bay Lighting


LED Lighting Solutions for Hypermarkets, Factories, Warehouses and Indoor Stadiums


• Green technology – reduces carbon footprint; LED does not contain hazardous materials

and gases that will pollute the environment

• Lower energy costs – reduces power consumption between 40% to 70% (depending on

application and types of lamp replaced)

• Lower “total costs of ownership” – lower maintenance as LED lifetime is > 50k hours;

smaller electrical cables needed due to lower power consumed

• Brighter, clearer, “flicker-free” – LED produces “white” light (closer to daylight), reflecting

natural colors of objects and studies shows statistically lower crime rate

• Wide operating AC input power range (85VAC to 264VAC) – robust and longer “up time”; avoid cabling power upgrades

• Increases vibrancy of retail and service sector during night time – public feel safer (due to “white” light) … increase in nightlife activities



      iuvolux HB-series

Robust, fit for use, energy efficient, low cost.  iuvolux’s HB-Series is high bay lighting solution  that is designed with affordability, quality and  durability in mind. The HB-series is a “like- for-like” replacement of all existing conventional  Metal Halide High Bay lighting applications  (Factories,

Hypermarkets, Warehouses, Cold Storage  Rooms, Indoor Stadiums and Sports Courts). It is  designed and tested to IP66 (LED module) and designed to IP5I (driver housing) standards and accepts a universal input range of 110—240VAC Power.

Both the LED driver housing and the LED modules are made from anodized aluminum alloy to ensure it remains corrosion resistant, dust/water proofed (as per IP ratings) and yet, light in weight. The LED modules uses purpose built acrylic lenses for longer durability and safety to public. The beam pattern

LED modules can be readily configured for general high bay lighting (using 60°, 90° lens, symmetrical or asymmetrical rectangular or broad-spread lens), depending on the height placements of the lamp fittings and desired area of coverage emphasis.

LED technology is “flicker-free”, which ensures stable lighting conditions (unlike conventional “tubebased” lighting).

The LED modules are manufactured to ensure the best performance (brightness) to watt-ratio not easily afforded by other makes. It truly combines the best LED lighting and design technology.


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